Friday 7 November 2014

Merry Christmas with still more Christmas lights

Hello Everyone,

Friday, finally! I am so glad this dreadful week is over. After only a few days back with my old mobile I was so unnerved, I decided to buy a new one. The old one just doesn’t work properly anymore…
My new phone arrived today, and I now have to try to set it all back up as it was. Which is already proving hard to do, because it’s a new software version, which just doesn’t do what I want. ;)

Anyhow, I am feeling much better now, that I am back in connection with the world. How stupid, to make yourself so dependent on such a toy. Makes me feel kind of guilty.

As far as cards are concerned, I don’t have much new to show. My cat tore apart two of the Fairy lights envelopes I had created, which annoyed me quite a bit. I think I even managed 2 minutes of being cross with her (longer is impossible, when she looks at you, with those huge eyes). So I had to re-do these, but I won’t post pictures as it’s nothing new.

I also have finally decided to use light bulbs for my Christmas cards, so you might see quite a few more of them. So far, no two designs are entirely alike, but I decided to use all of them. Who says that all Christmas cards need to be created in batch.

So, here are two more.

For the first card, I stamped and colored a panel as before and then die cut the Merry Christmas sentiment from the panel. I also cut it 4 more times from red cardstock and stacked the die cuts all on top of each other. That was rather tricky, because the sentiment is so intricate and fragile.

I first used my matte medium, but it didn’t allow enough time to wriggle the pieces in place, so I ended up using a normal clear crafting glue, that’s more liquid and just gave me a moment longer.

When all pieces were stacked I used a paper towel to remove the access glue as good as possible. Then I covered the card base heavily with snail adhesive, adhered the panel to it and carefully pieced in the insides of the letters. Then I added the stacked sentiments.

I like the technique a lot – in theory – but it didn’t turn out as cool as I had imagined. I probably should have used a bolder sentiment die, this one is too intricate – only I don’t have a  bolder one.

For the second card today, I used the same sketch as for the Halloween card, stamped the lights in rainbow colors (more or less) and adhered it to a bright green card base and added a red sentiment banner. Nothing really new there.

Have a relaxing week-end


  1. Ela, I really want to hug you know... your card is awesome. The faux chipboard thing rocks!
    Let's hope your cat just didn't wanted to share those super cute envelopes and thought "These are to good for the outside world!" and just tore them apart?

  2. Your cards are wonderful, I think the intricate die cut is perfect especially with those sweet little bulbs!

  3. Wonderful and elegant cards! I have the impression, they are wonderful light and harmically designed.

    Regards Senna