Saturday 8 February 2014

Heroes night - time to craft

Hello Crafters,

tonight my daughters were out late. Heroes night at the local library; Crafting, reading, playing heroes from 6-10 pm. They have had heaps of fun, I love it, when they are so excited that they can't wait to tell it all... They keep interrupting each other, and I never really find out much, but I can see the fun they had.

For me that meant a good excuse to busy myself with some crafting that I had planned to do for quite a while.

I used to store my alcohol markers in a small box with a lid, which was pretty and didn't take a lot of room, but I was not convenient. So two or three months ago, I decided I need a marker shelf. I spent weeks thinking about the best solution, to get a cheap shelf, like Ikea "Moppe" or builing one from wood myself. Bur none of these solutions really  convinced me. In the end, I accidentally came across a food packaging, that fit perfectly. And the inside is printed with a monochromatic pattern, so I don't need to paint it go with plain white. So for weeks we had all the different variations of that desert, until I had 8 boxes, each one fits up to 10 Spectrum Noir markers comfortably (more if you squeeze them in, but I don't want that). Right now, I could have saved some space and put gray, brown and pink in one box, but I planned ahead. I am sure I will get more markes... So there is one box each for the reds, yellows, greens, blues (actually it's the teal set), grays, neutrals and pinks/skintones. The box on the top left is for special markers, like the white blender pen and my black Tombow marker (if ever I find it again).

I decorated the side and top with some patterned paper.

It's not perfect, but it was cheap and easy and it fits my needs perfectly. So I am very happy with it.

But I did some more:
I also wanted to create my own color mists for ages, and especially since "Stenciled"...I tried with Gelatos, but that didn't work like I had hoped. But I heard that you could mix them from watercolor paint, and I got a set of 12 tubes that were not too expensive only a while ago. So I went for it and mixed my own mists. And of course I had to try them out straight away.

I tried out the misted card from stenciled, and I am really sad that I didn't make it before the gallery closed. The envelop curled up quite a bit, it's from the office supplies and not the best quality. So I'll try to straighten it out under some books, I hope that helps a little.

Now let's call it a day. Sleep tight


  1. Hey, Ela, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I'm honored! That is exciting for me, having just started it as a brand new blog. I will add you to mine as well.


  2. Hi Ela,
    die Karte ist toll geworden!
    Wirklich schade, dass sie für die OCC stenciled-Gallery zu spät fertig wurde. Aber du wirst sicher noch mehr schöne Karten (mit und ohne Schablonen) machen, dass es dort den Rahmen sprengen würde ;-)
    Freu mich schon, noch mehr von dir zu sehen.
    Liebe verbastelte Grüße,